Thursday, December 20, 2007

Singapore Health Authorities Find Viagra In Penis Product

In Singapore The Health Sciences Authority that regulates the use of medicines and drugs has issued a statement warning people to stay well away from a product that claims to extend penises. The HSA warned that not only do they not license the medicine for sale or marketing in Singapore, testing has shown that it contains prescription medications that are only allowed to be sold under certain conditions and in certain medicines.

The product that is called the ridiculous name of Santi Bovine Penis Erecting Capsule when tested was shown to have the active ingredient in Viagra in it called sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil is allowed to be sold in Singapore but only in Viagra the erectile dysfunction drug made by Pfizer and in no other form. Singapore has very strict rules and regulations regarding the sale of penis enlargement pills and in fact all medicines, that has helped to stop to some extent the illegal supply of fake penis enlargement medication from China and India but it seems that this one got through the net.

This Santi Bovine medication that is supposed to enlarge penises has not been tested and sildenafil does not have any effect on increasing penis length only in helping men to maintain an erection when they suffer from mild to severe impotence.Sildenafil is safe in the vast majority of men but it can be dangerous in certain men with heart conditions and especially men who take nitrates. Viagra can cause low blood pressure too and so must not be used by people who have a low blood pressure normally.

Any man who believes that his penis can be extended by taking a pill is very na├»ve and is likely to fall prey to the millions of Internet scams that come through spam emails. Ukmedix can’t stress enough the importance of not ever responding or buying anything that claims to extend your penis.